Aion – Development and Critique

Aion was first conceived in 2006 by a Korean game design company called NCsoft. Announced to the industry during the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo, the preview was generally well received by the attendees. Development went on for a couple of years, at the NCsoft’s design studio in South Korea.

Towards the end of the development cycle, the game was released as a closed beta, for local Korean gamers at the end of 2007. Closed beta testing gradually expanded to other areas, like China and Japan.
Towards the end of 2008, in November, Aion was released to the Korean market, to very good critical acclaim. Within a month, Aion won the “Best Korean Game of the Year” award. Having played Aion myself for some time now, I would recommend it to anyone that is wanting to find a new online game to play.

The expectations were quite high for Aion, as NCsoft’s previous games Lineage I and Lineage II were massive hits as well. Popular review sites such as Metacritic praised the game, giving it a 76% score. Other 사설토토 reviews sites also gave Aion positive reviews, such as IGN, which said “tries to offer something for everyone and succeeds at it, albeit in varying degrees and at different stages”. Aion has also won awards, the 2009 “RPGs of the Year 2009” and Best New Game at the 2009 Awards.

If you do end up playing Aion after reading this article I know you will not be disappointed with the game, It has the best PvP system I have seen in some time and fighting for bases in the abyss is certainly a lot of fun.

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