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The price of silver has steadily increased over time, which has created more value and demand. Like gold and platinum, silver is a precious metal that gives it value beyond its decorative purpose. By definition, metals are considered precious when they are considered rare. In the past, silver, like gold, was used as currency. Today it is mainly considered for investments and jewelry. Truly, market value is an added incentive when buying silver jewelry. However, when buying silver jewelry online, it is important to follow a few guidelines to Silver jewelry from Spoo-Design ensure a worthwhile silver jewelry buying transaction.

First of all, it is important to establish the credibility of any e-merchant website that you should visit. Look for icons related to well-established third-party organizations that deal with consumer ratings and information security. Usually, the third-party websites allow you to see a certificate or company information that gives you an objective view of the e-merchant in question. Check the dates on these certificates to ensure they are current and not expired.

Next, check the warranty. A minimum of 30 days should be offered for refunds and exchanges. A reputable retailer will always back their product with a strong guarantee. Don’t hesitate to call your e-dealer to inquire about the warranty. From their response you can get a good idea of ​​the level of customer service. Once you’ve established the credibility of your chosen e-tailer and confirmed a strong guarantee, it’s time to browse and find your jewelry!

After you’ve decided on a coveted piece of silver jewelry, do a quick inspection. Check the description section to determine if the jewelry is actually 925 Sterling Silver. This means that the item consists of 92.5% silver mixed with different alloys. This is the industry standard and the highest grade of silver used in jewelry today. In its purest form, silver is too soft to be worn decoratively. Authentic silver jewelry is hallmarked .925, indicating purity and authenticity. If not visible in the picture you can either call or email to confirm the presence of a stamp or simply wait to inspect the jewelry immediately upon receipt.

OK, so you have a real piece of sterling silver, but what about the finish? Silver jewelery is not naturally shiny, but rather dull greyish. Therefore, some rework is required for public consumption. The surface of each piece of silver jewelery can be refined using various techniques. Rhodium plated silver is the most expensive of all finishes. This is where a ring or pendant is plated with rhodium, the most expensive precious metal used primarily to plat gold jewelry. The advantage is a great shine with additional tarnish protection for your silver jewelry. Some manufacturers polish the silver to a strong shine. This technique takes time as polishing requires manual labor and can be reflected in the price of the jewelry. The benefit is a more perfect piece with a smooth service with no nicks and imperfections.

Nickel plating and enamel coating are primarily used on Italian chains such as the Figaro, Curb and Marina designs. The advantage is protection against tarnishing. Silver jewelry generally begins to darken or tarnish over time through a process called oxidation, a chemical reaction between silver and oxygen. This does not devalue the silver metal itself and can take years to show. It is important to note that silver jewelry containing nickel can in some cases provoke an allergic reaction, particularly in the form of green skin. It’s not particularly dangerous and fairly rare. Ask the online retailer for hypoallergenic, nickel-free silver jewelry.

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